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Ribbons and Nails

The following is self explanatory and makes, we think, a wonderful variation on our Good Friday The Nails of The Cross Service.

For a second year, we have used the Service of the Nails at West Shore in Victoria, British Columbia. I have modified it slightly and added something this year. See the attached photos.

On Good Friday, people received their nail AND an 8" length of red ribbon. The red ribbon they nailed to the cross with their nail. The color suggesting their sins (though they be as scarlet....) and also remembering Colossians--he took the handwriting against us and nailed them to his cross.

People left the church with the cross ablaze with nails and scarlet ribbons.

On Saturday, I came and removed all the nails and red ribbons and replaced each one with a white ribbon (though they be as scarlet, yet they shall be white as snow) and fixed them to the cross with a golden tack. I had written "forgiven" on each ribbon first.

When people came Easter morning instead of the cross decorated with the scarlet of sin, it was decorated with the liturgical color for purity---each one in place of the ribbon that had been placed days before.

Next year, I will add a twist-- give out the ribbons, but have people write their name on the ribbon. Then I will replace each named ribbon with a new one--with their name upon it, but also saying, forgiven.

I thought you might enjoy seeing how your liturgy is being put to use.

Harold McNabb
West Shore Presbyterian
Victoria, B.C.
April 2003
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